Introduction. Frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis is soreness and inflexibility of the shoulder joint. This leads to restricted motion of the joint. It generally develops when you do not use your shoulder normally due to some existing pain, injury or any other medical condition like diabetes, stroke etc. The people who are most affected by this are:-

– People from 40 to 70 years of age.

– Women (especially postmenopausal) are more prone than men.

– People suffering from chronic diseases.

Treatments Available. Old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure”. It may be possible to prevent frozen shoulder by regular usage of the shoulders and following the physician’s advice after an injury or a surgery. It can be treated by the following:-

1.) Nonsteroidal anti-inflamatory drugs (NSAIDs) with heat application are the first treatment followed by stretching.

2.) Pain and swelling may be reduced by ice application and medicines like corticosteroid injections.

3.) Physical therapy helps improving movement.

4.) Surgery may be undertaken to slacken the rigid joint.

5.) Massage Therapy. Regular massage treatment can relieve the tightened muscles and tissues, thereby curing frozen shoulder. There are various types of massages for this condition. Some important ones are:-

(a) Swedish massage.

(b) Deep tissue massage.

(c) Trigger point therapy.

(d) Heat and massage therapy.

Conclusion. Frozen shoulder is a painful and mostly avoidable medical condition. It can occur due to various reasons and it can even be cured with persistent treatment. Massage is a natural and effective way of getting rid of this suffering.