The Problem of Shin Splints and How Massage Can Help

When it comes to exercise and running, there’s often a very typical attitude among many: in order to get benefits from running, you need to push yourself. There’s nothing wrong with pushing yourself, but sometimes individuals can push themselves too hard and this overworking of the leg muscles can result in shin splints.

Shin splints are essentially micro-tears in muscle and bone tissues. Although some shin splints may be temporary, extreme cases have found that they can last for months. By putting exercise on hold for such a long time, this can cause serious problems for frequent runners or anyone just looking to get into shape.

The treatment options for shin splints are somewhat slim. Most doctors recommend ice to treat inflammation and anti-inflammatory pain medication. However, one treatment many are finding beneficial for dealing with shin splints and preventing future cases of them is massage.

Since having tighter calf muscles can lead to more pressure and stress on the leg, a trained massage therapist can help loosen these muscles to lower the risk of having shin splints. Deep tissue massage–which is when the masseuse uses deeper pressure–is highly recommended by patients as during the shin splint healing process, it can decrease build up scar tissue on the affected area and provide pain relief.

Since the goal is often to heal as quickly as possible from shin splints and prevent them from happening again, massage–specifically deep tissue–has proven to be a successful treatment for many, just make sure the person giving it has had the correct massage training.

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